Cities on the Edge // Liverpool

Cities On The Edge
exhibition & book launch 6pm, Thursday 13 November
13 November – 18 December 08
McGarry Room
Novas Contemporary Urban Centre

/Cities on the Edge/ is new photography work commissioned by Liverpool
Culture Company in 2008. This is an issue based exhibition and book on
the theme of people and places that illustrates Liverpool in
relationship to five other European port cities. Six
photographer-artists represent the six cities:

Gabriele Basilico – *Naples* – Italy
Philippe Conti – *Marseille* – France
Wojtek Wilczyk – *Gdansk* – Poland
Sandy Volz – *Bremen* – Germany
Ali Taptik – *Istanbul* – Turkey
John Davies – *Liverpool* – UK

*Liverpool University Press* is publishing the /Cities on the Edge/ book
this November, edited by John Davies, containing 128 pages with 72
colour and B&W; photographs from all six cities and text in six
languages. ISBN 9781846311864 £24.95 hb.

Posted: November 18th, 2008
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